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Telephone Numbers

General Management Section
·Be responsible for the work coordination and the linking work inside and out side the center, undertaking various matters, such as meeting affairs, documentations and general management of information, etc.; be responsible for coordinating administrational organs, such as custom, national inspection bureau, taxation bureau, foreign currency administration, public security bureau, and so on, to carry out all kinds of businesses; be responsible for policy research and making all kinds of detailed management methods; be responsible for financial management and economical data statistics and analysis; be responsible for the recruitment plan, training, labor dispute intermediation and so on for enterprises in the center。

  ――Tel:81651605  81651618

Merchant Development Section
·Be responsible for introducing logistics investment merchants and logistics operation merchants; be responsible for handle relevant report procedures for enterprises entering the center; be responsible for services for enterprises entering the center carrying out their businesses; be responsible for coordinating relationships between enterprises in the center。


Market Operation Section
·Be responsible for the management and operation of capital of the management committee, so as to ensure the increment of capital; be responsible for providing the increment service, paid service and extended service for enterprises in the center by making use of the storage facilities and other equipments。


Taiwan Logistics Section
·Be responsible for attracting investment from Taiwan enterprises and providing over-all logistics services for Taiwan enterprises in local places and along the Yangtse River。


Data Center
·Be responsible for establishment, management and maintenance of the informationization system of; be responsible for the establishment of the one-stop declaration service platform and relevant system of Jiangyin Tax-free Logistics Center, and issuing accounts for enterprises; be responsible for the consolidated data entering and advance verification for the inward and outward businesses of enterprises in the center; be responsible for issuing IC cards for vehicles and the management of electronic license plate system; be responsible for the charging work of data entering, verification and operation。

  ――Tel:81651621  81651610

Dispatching Control Center
·Be responsible for the verification and control of operations getting in and out the center; be responsible for arranging staff and equipments for operations such as inspection, lifting, suffocating, , and so on, for goods; be responsible for coordinating the custom and national inspection organ to finish special inspection work; be responsible for the confirming of the enterprises’ expenses occurred in their businesses, and informing the Data Center to collect the charges; be responsible for the management and maintenance of the equipments of the tax-free logistics center。


Property and Logistics Section
Be responsible for logistics work such as administrational reception, procurement of office articles, virescence and sanitation work in the center; be responsible for the technical support and maintenance of intellectualized equipments and facilities; be responsible for the safety production and security work in the center。