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Services for Entering

1.To insist on providing the one-stop service for the booking-in and registration of the enterprises entering the center。

2.To insist on responsibility system of being asked first, polite service and enthusiastic reception. To treat customers equally without discrimination, and be polite and enthusiastic to them。

3.To insist on using polite words and popularize the fourteen polite dictions, namely, how are you, come in, please, sit down, please, please wait a moment, excuse me, please, sorry for make you wait so long, sorry, forgive me, I’m so sorry, it doesn’t matter, You are welcome, thank you, see you。

4.To insist on high efficient service and make sure of the following aspects, to handle business once customers come, to answer once customers ask, no delay, no buckpassing, to handle emergent matters emergently, to standardize transaction procedures, to be familiar with and master transaction flows, and to accomplish the high quality services according to flows。