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Six Principal Functions

Import, export and port transfer
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1.Bonded warehousing
It includes bonded storage of products imported in various trading patterns and products that have completed export declaration。

2.Port of entry
As an in-land port, the center realizes link with ports so that enterprises can declare customs directly in the center. For domestic products entering the center, they are treated as export, enjoying export VAT rebate policy upon entry into the center。

3.Simple processing and value-add services
In the center, one can conduct simple processing without changing physical and chemical nature, and within the value add ratio as regulated by the customs。

4.Import, export and port transfer
Enterprises in the center can conduct import, export and port transfer business with overseas.。

5.International delivery
Commodities can be delivered freely to enterprises home and abroad, and can also be transferred to other customs supervised special zones in China。

6.Logistics data processing and consultation services

    With the above six functions, the geographical advantage, function advantage and policy advantage of FTZ-Port Tie are extended from port to BLC so as to meet its needs to develop international logistics。